Rating & Review Policy


Each student will have the option to rate and review a tutor after a session. Ratings are based on a 5 star model. ineedatutor.ca offers the following suggestions and advice when rating and reviewing a tutor.

  • Make your reviews useful and informative.
  • Keep it readable; check grammar and spelling, and don't use excessive capitalization and punctuation.
  • Be nice and courteous.
  • Don't post fake or inaccurate reviews.


Tutors on ineedatutor.ca understand that students have the option to rate and review their experience. With that said should a tutor feel that a rating or review they received is inaccurate or they have been grossly misjudged they can email ineedatutor.ca with their concern. ineedatutor.ca will then investigate the matter and attempt to find a satisfactory solution.