There is absolutely no fee to create a tutor profile on ineedatutor.ca. Tutors can create a professional profile for free.

A tutor on ineedatutor.ca is independent. A tutor who creates a profile is not an employee of ineedatutor.ca. Each tutor is independent and chooses their rates, their schedule, which students to accept and what their cancellation policy is.

An individual can create a free tutor profile on ineedatutor.ca by clicking on the Create Tutor Profile button and following the prompts. Once a profile is created the ineedatutor.ca team will review your information and get back to you within 5-7 business days.

Once your profile is approved you will be directed to provide your direct deposit information. Once your direct deposit information is saved you will be listed as a tutor. Students can now message you on the ineedatutor.ca platform and hire you.

You can choose which students to accept and tutor. You are independent.

A student pays the tutor through the ineedatutor.ca platform. The money is transferred to the tutor’s bank account (based on the direct deposit information the tutor provided) within 7 business days.


As mentioned previously each tutor decides their own rate. ineedatutor.ca takes a 12 percent platform fee for each session tutored. For example, if a tutor’s rate is $100 per lesson, ineedatutor.ca will take a $12 platform fee for the session tutored.

Under no circumstances can a tutor accept payment directly from a student who contacted them on the ineedatutor.ca platform. This will jeopardize the tutor’s place on ineedatutor.ca

You can choose to tutor the student in-person (if you and the student are in the same local) or online through the ineedatutor.ca online lesson space that includes video/audio, a digital whiteboard, file sharing, screen sharing, and a plethora of other features. You can try our cutting-edge online lesson space here.

Once a student books you to tutor them online you will both receive a link to the online lesson space. The link will be activated at the time that was agreed upon between the tutor and the student.


Any messages a tutor receives from a student goes to the tutor’s dashboard on ineedatutor.ca and their email. In this way a tutor can view the message from their email and never have to worry if they are missing messages if they are not logged in.

Click on the button Find Tutor. You will be asked some questions in order to guide you to the tutor the best suits your needs.

When Tutors create their profile there is an option for them to offer a 15 min trial lesson/consultation. They may choose to charge a small fee for this or do it for free.


Depending on the tutor you choose you can be tutored in-person or online. ineedatutor.ca has its very own cutting edge online lesson space with audio/video, digital whiteboard, chat, file sharing and a plethora of other features.

Once you have booked a tutor, you will be guided to our payment page. ineedatutor.ca will hold the payment and pay the tutor once the lesson has been completed. It is strictly forbidden to pay a tutor directly. This will jeopardize the both the students and tutors place on the platform.

Each tutor sets their own cancellation policy. If for example a tutor sets their cancellation policy that they require minimum 24 hour notice to cancel and you cancel earlier than 24 hours you will not be charged. If however you cancel later than 24 hours the tutor will charge you. It is important you are aware and clear on the cancellation policy of each tutor. A tutor can choose to be flexible and forgo payment, however this is strictly at their discretion. ineedatutor.ca cannot force any tutor to forgo payment in the event of a cancellation as each tutor is independent and not an employee of ineedatutor.ca

Once you book a tutor to tutor you online you will both receive a link to the online lesson space. The link will be activated at the time that was agreed upon between you and the tutor.


ineedatutor.ca thoroughly vets each tutor that it accepts on its platform. If you would like more information regarding a tutor you can order a background check here. You may also ask a tutor for references.